National Latin Exam Helps

Here are past National Latin Exams with the correct answers and explanations. The NLE website ( has past exams of every level. Links below are helpful resources to fill in the blanks that Henle does not cover in the purple book. There are also practice quizzes you can take on the NLE website.

I recommend a Challenge A student take the Introduction to Latin exam and a Challenge B student (who has had 

Challenge A) may take the Latin 1 exam. If your student is coming into Latin in a later Challenge year without prior Latin study, start with the Introduction-level exam.

You can download past exams for free to practice before you read my supplement.

Parents: I always recommend you skim/read the websites to be sure it is suitable for your student. 

Grammar Notes:

Please note, it is necessary to know for the NLE that the imperfect tense may be translated I was verbing, I verbed, I used to verb, I began to verb, and I kept verbing. 

Only the first two are mentioned or taught in the Henle Purple Book, but all of the five listed above are commonly taught in most Latin textbooks.