Henle First and Second Year 

Answer Keys

with Vocabulary, Grammar Instruction, 

and Answer Explanations

Henle Second Year Answer Key is formatted and up for 1st Semester! It's free here.

I'm keeping it free this year because I truly need to do a deep-dive proofread and simply haven't had time, and I don't want to sell a sub-par product. If you use it and find it helpful, I'm happy for any donations (@henleinahurry on PayPal and Venmo, or search by email henleinahurry@gmail.com). 

The errata document in this same folder. Please add any mistakes you see to this document. I'll get notifications and will address them as soon as you send them to me.

Creating this guide averaged me 15 hours per week from September through April to complete. I am sure there are typos; if you find any mistakes or something is unclear, please email me. The errata document is in the same folder with the answer key.

If you have purchased my A, B, or 1 Answer Key, I will upload proofread and revised files for Lessons 1-29 on July 30, and Lessons 30-42 on August 30. The link you received in your purchase email will download the updated files.

Challenge A, B, 1, and 2 Answer Key Errata page: Click here. 

Download a free sample of my Henle Challenge Answer Keys.

Challenge A, B, or 1: Etsy Direct Download (PDF Format)

Challenge A, B, or 1: Purchase by filling out a Google form 

($10 for the Challenge A or B PDF file, $15 for Challenge 1). I will send you the PDF file (you will still need to print it).

If you have downloaded the Challenge 1 Answer Key to use for Challenge A and Challenge B, here is a road map that may help you find the start and end points for each week (click the link below to download):

Challenge Roadmap (according to the Guide)

Important: Please Read

My Henle First Year Latin complete Answer Key set is finished! 

If you want the complete Purple Book Answer Key in one purchase and you don't need the information broken out by week, choose the Challenge 1 book.

My answer keys contain all the vocabulary, grammar instruction, and complete answers with explanations for all of the assigned exercises. They align by week with the Challenge schedule in the Guide

This is a downloadable PDF file that requires you to fill out a form, send payment, and I will email you the file. 

Here is how the manuals are organized:

Each manual is divided by Week according to the Challenge Guide. Vocabulary, grammar instruction, and answers with explanations are included in each manual.

The Challenge A CC Guide assigns exercises for Lessons 1-15. My Challenge A manual includes all of the exercises that are assigned in the guide and covers the full year of Challenge A, broken out by semester and week with page numbers for easy reference.

The Challenge B CC Guide works through Lessons 1-15 (first semester) and Lessons 16-29 (second semester). The Challenge B manual includes all of the exercises assigned in the guide and covers the full year of Challenge B by semester and week with page numbers for easy reference (and also includes the full year of Challenge A, though not broken out by week according to the Challenge A guide).

The Challenge 1 CC Guide works through Lessons 1-29 (first semester) and Lessons 30-42 (second semester); for 1st semester, the CC Challenge 1 Guide assigns all the exercises. The Challenge 1 Answer Key includes all exercises for the entire purple book, including those that were skipped in Challenge A and B.

The Challenge 2 CC Guide assigns all exercises and readings.