Online Recorded Classes

Classes are open for Fall 2024

This year, my classes will be recorded so I can accomodate everyone's schedules (and mine as well, since I am only available on Fridays for a short afternoon window). Hopefully this will be more convenient for everyone. The best time for me to have class is 10:00 PM Eastern time, and I don't think many folks will want to do Latin at 10:00 PM. :)

Classes will be posted on Friday each week beginning with Week 1 on August 2. That way you can watch the week that lines up with your own community's schedule. I'm always available to help with questions via my Facebook page (Henle in a Hurry) or by email: henleinahurry(at)gmail(dot)com

Available classes:

Challenge A

Challenge B

Challenge 1

Challenge 2

In my classes, I review the previous week's material (Challenge 1 excepted in 1st semester; there's too much material to back up every week) and then present the current week's grammar topic. The recorded classes will give me an advantage in terms of being able to spend time going over a few sentences of each week's assignment to help you get started. I also have the full purple book recorded in free videos (each grammar concept and all the exercise walk-throughs) for reinforcement.

My degree program in college was Latin and Ancient Greek; as such, I teach my classes as though you were in my high-school classroom. We go much deeper than vocabulary, parsing, and single sentences. While I do give tips on scaling, and I encourage it (the volume of work in Henle is too much). We spend time on grammar, morphology, and syntax, with optional interdisciplinary topics, and I do emphasize reading all the assigned paragraphs of text. (Surprisingly to many, my recommendation is if you scale, you should drop English --> Latin entirely. It's not helpful at a beginning level to spend so much time on such a low volume, plus, you really learn best by reading the primary sources and absorbing *their* composition.)

Parents, Directors, and Students are all welcome! The tuition covers all the members in your household who need access to that class.

Cost is $75/semester per class.

You will receive a link to access the private showcase on Vimeo. That link will be valid for the entire academic year. I will also send you a link to my Teacher's Manual/Answer Key if you don't already have it.

Click here to register for classes.

A follow up email with links, password, and Teacher's Manual PDF will be sent after payment has been received.