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My grammar and exercise walk-through videos are available here:

Lessons 1-5 Lessons 16-20 Lessons 30-42

Lessons 6-10 Lessons 21-25

Lessons 11-15 Lessons 26-29

The password for all the showcases is the same: henle1styear

I'll be working on Second Year Latin in the fall.

If you're looking for my verb video series, they are linked on my Learning Resources tab.

Vocabulary lists by week with pronunciation are available on my Quizlet page

(as well as other resources):

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Please click on any of the links below to access the files or videos in the descriptions. Except for my answer keys, everything is free. 

Make sure to scroll all the way down the page to see if you can find what you're looking for. 

If there is a resource you need that you can't find here, please email me at henleinahurry@gmail.com and I will either create it for you or find it from another source.

I've made videos for Discovering Atomos (by Lesson and then the At Home Exercises).

Click here to go to the showcase. (They're free.)

Try your hand at running through a complete verb synopsis. There is a document giving instructions and answers for all four conjugations plus sum. 3rd -io verb answer sheets coming soon!

These are worksheets designed to help your student drill their verb endings quickly.  

Choose a time that you will set for the drill. Timing is helpful because it provides a metric by which students can gauge their own improvement. 

When the timer starts, the student will write the English pronouns that correspond to the Latin personal endings. Tell them not to skip around on the page; do them in order. 

When the time runs out, find the Set Number Answer Key and check the endings. Write the number correct over the number completed. You want this percentage to improve over time and approach 36/36.

This is a video overview of the six indicative mood tenses in Latin and their tense and aspect. Understanding aspect is quite necessary for successful Latin study!

Please note that the perfect tense in Latin (in the indicative mood) is never a past completed. It is either present tense completed or past tense simple.

This is a series of videos I made that walks you through the entire Latin verb system incrementally, one topic at a time. I have companion review/practice pages for the first dozen or so videos, and will complete review pages as time permits. The link to the review/practice pages is on the description in the video showcase.

The schedule showing how to line up the videos with each week in your year (Challenge A, B, or 1) is here: Verb Video Schedule

The password is verbpractice

Declension Ending Drill Pages

These pages help students practice declension endings  "out of context"; meaning, outside of filling in a chart in order. After they are confident with all the sets of endings, they can move on to rapid parsing.

Practice inflecting noun-adjective pairs with this worksheet. The first column gives you 3rd declension nouns with 2-1-2 adjectives, and the second column gives you 1st and 2nd declension nouns with 3rd declension adjectives. Have fun! I will post a 4th and 5th declension practice page soon.

This is a link to information about my complete answer keys for Henle First Year Latin. For each year, the answer key is complete with vocabulary (and page numbers), grammar (with page numbers), instruction, and answers for every assigned exercise. I include explanations for many of the answers as well.

They are organized by week and line up with the CC Guide for each of the Challenge years. 

Henle Textbook Comprehensive Charts---Free

My Henle First Year ("Purple Book") comprehensive charts, large print and in color, are organized by lesson. In the back they are all condensed in a "Quick Reference" section. They are free. The charts for Challenge A only include Lessons 1-15 and the relevant Quick Reference pages in the back.

National Latin Exam Helps

If you are interested in having your student sit for the National Latin Exam, there is information on my page as well as on the National Latin Exam website.

Free Video Resources

A handful of my instructional and informational videos are free all the time. Click on the button above to browse the Vimeo showcase.